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Fear of a Black Dragon

Apr 7, 2020

The Basic Crawl
00:00:19 - Overview
00:21:28 - Chain Lightning Round

The Expert Delve
00:23:34 - Tom's intro to the Q&A
00:24:01 -  What's next for the OSR?
00:27:46 - What is Jason's favorite nautical adventure?
00:29:51 - Tom, have you noticed any regional trends in gaming?
00:33:34 - What system or module would you use to introduce someone to gaming?
00:37:04 - What aspects of thinking about game design have transferred to your daily life?
00:38:44 - What OSR tropes are essential? Which ones have been done to death?
00:39:21 - Name the most beautiful thing you've found in a dungeon.
00:41:05 - Which of the OSR modules you've discussed is your favorite?
00:42:11 - What are some principles for good adventure design?
00:44:36 - What are some of your favorite modules you haven't yet reviewed?
00:45:16 - What are some upcoming projects you're excited about?
00:45:58 - What OSR modules do you wish you could experience again for the first time?
00:47:41 -  What module or game taught you to play better?

Companion Adventures
00:50:05 - What's next for FoBD?

00:58:48 - A Stinger