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Fear of a Black Dragon

Sep 12, 2022

The Basic Crawl
00:00:21 - Overview
00:02:09 - How have we used this in our games?
00:03:00 - Things we liked about this adventure
00:21:47 - Questions we had about this adventure
00:24:33 - Chain Lightning Round

The Expert Delve
00:27:02 - Tutorial Levels/Invisible Tutorials

Companion Adventures
00:45:07 - a blog article
00:45:22 - website archive
00:45:49 - video game

Further notes from Tom:
Through Ultán's Door (the Ben Laurence thing we couldn't remember the name of):
Tribe 8: 
Zenopus Archives:  
GMTK - Half-Life 2’s Invisible Tutorial: 
Fen Orc piece on the legacy of Tower of Zenopus: